1500 MG Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

1500 MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil UK


1500 MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil UK



1500 MG Full-Spectrum CBD Oil UK

1500 MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil Uk. We start with U.S.-grown organic hemp and process it through spagyric extraction for maximum bioavailability and potency. Our tincture is a full spectrum hemp oil to give the user the best health benefits. Full-spectrum hemp oil can help with insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and more.

So, what does our 1500 mg CBD oil contain? Great question. It’s important that you only consume pure, tested substances. You should do your due diligence before you add anything new to your regimen.

The good news is that the ingredients of our 1500 mg CBD tincture are very simple! The 1500 mg CBD oil contains:

  • MCT Coconut Oil (Carrying Oil)
  • CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Make sure to shake well before using. The ingredients of the 1500 CBD oil full-spectrum CBD may separate over time.

The hemp we use is non GMO and pesticide free grown industrial hemp. All of our products are Heavy Metal and Pesticide FREE. This is important, as it helps to ensure safety!


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