Humboldt Farms vape Cartridge UK




Humboldt Farms Vape Cartridge UK

Humboldt Farms vape Cartridge UK. 100% sustainably sourced, premium Humboldt County Cannabis flower. Not shake or trim. Lab tested.Humboldt Farms described cannabis flower as the crystalline blossom of the magical Cannabis plant.


Humboldt Farms is a cannabis company that operates with an awareness that cannabis can play a vital role in improving the health and wellness of individuals, communities and the planet. They foster generosity by allowing customers to participate in their CHOOSE KINDLY program, giving to the charitable organization of your choice with every Humboldt Farms product you purchase.

Humboldt Farms Flavors

Ak-47, Cheese, Chemdawg, Gorilla Glue, Grape Ape, Hardcore OG, Jack Herer, Jet Fuel OG, Moonrocks, Skittles, Stawberry cough, Trainwreck

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  1. weedstrains

    wow thanks so much i receive this i will always come for it.

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